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Refuge - N.G. Osborne List the characters and describe them. Charlie - Brash American Aid Worker. He had a good heart and was strong minded. He was charismatic and he loved Noor with all his heart. Noor - was 23 years old. She was a teacher and her students were 12 years old. She was beautiful and she wanted to study in America. She was independent and she took care of her sister and father. She loved Charlie. Aamir - Noor's father. He loved to read. He was realistic. He wanted the best for his daughters. He was open minded and didn't want to marry Noor off. He wanted her to have a good education. Wanted her to make her own choices. Tariq - Noor's brother. Very bitter and cruel man. He was a murderer. Killed his own father. He was in the Prince's army. He promised the Prince Noor, so he could promote his career. Very evil man. Wali - Charlie's right hand man at work and in life. He didn't have any family, they had all been killed. Wali was Charlie's deputy. He went to live with Charlie after the accident that blew both his legs off.

Who was your favorite character? Charlie - He was such a giver. He had a good heart. So compassionate, he always gave his best.

Did you find this book a quick read? It was a pretty quick read. Lots of stuff going on.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.